Cllr Jess David

Councillor for Moorlands

Correspondence Address: 55 Englishcombe Lane, Bath, BA2 2EE
07977 500804

Instagram: @JessDavid4Moorlands

Jess David was raised in Somerset, and became a resident of Bath in 2015. As a member of the community, and mother to three small children, an imminent concern of hers was the lack of available parks and play spaces for children in Moorlands. In order to fix this, Jess has been working with a local group formed of other members of the community. As she worked for change in Moorlands, other concerns such as improving the public transport system to reduce congestion and to improve the overall air quality in Bath became a focus issue, prompting her to run for Councillor. Her past experience involves working as a research assistant in both London and Brussels, and has spent the past ten years working in the environmental sector, assessing climate change issues and flood risk management. Jess is dedicated to bettering Moorlands, and hopes to bring further change to the area.